About Us

We are a licensed NEA e-waste and disposal vendor.

Founded in 2009, we specialised in e-waste disposal in a fast, reliable and safe manner. BigVoice Prodigy is a tried and true company with its reputation spread to different Multi-National Companies.

With over 10 years into this industry, we understand that technology is constantly changing around us at a quickening pace. With newer generations of technology being developed at such high speeds, a proper safe and reliable channel for disposal is needed so that we can advance along together with our technology.

Besides taking care of e-waste, we also dispose other waste such as paper, wood and metals. Old, used and spoilt.

How we can help by doing the 3 Rs

Care for our Environment

How and why to recycle?

Discover the positive effect your recycling efforts are making and find out what else you may be able to do.


Recycling Conserves Resources

When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. If used materials are not recycled, new products are made by extracting fresh, raw material from the Earth, through mining and forestry. Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future.



Waste Management and Statistics in Singapore

In 2019, about 7.23 million tonnes of solid waste was generated, of which 4.25 million tonnes were recycled. The 6 percent reduction in the amount of waste generated compared to 2018 is the third yearly reduction since 2017. It is a positive step in Singapore’s journey towards becoming a Zero Waste Nation and to prolong the lifespan of Semakau Landfill beyond 2035. Waste generated by the non-domestic and domestic sectors both saw a reduction in 2019 – from 5.70 million tonnes and 2.00 million tonnes respectively in 2018, to 5.37 million tonnes and 1.87 million tonnes respectively in 2019.

Overall, the recycling rate decreased from 61 percent in 2018^ to 59 percent in 2019. The drop in the overall recycling rate in 2019 is largely attributable to the drop in the recycling rate of paper.

Let’s continue to do our part for a better environment.

Information from: www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/waste-management/waste-statistics-and-overall-recycling

Learn how you can reduce carbon footprint through this emission calculator.

These 2 calculators give an idea of how much we can save on carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions.

The whole process calculation starts from collection = truck travel distance to & fro = to = weightage calculation for different materials = man-handling = total up to give a Waste Report.

We will provide a Certificate of Destruction indicating Carbon Footprint saved for Companies involved in Green Carbon Campaign.

Disclaimer: this is an estimate Carbon Footprint calculations only. A complete carbon report would involve comprehensive & detailed breakdown of different gases.